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Mp3 Cover Downloader Review

Mp3 Cover Downloader Review: "

Cover art is used by many devices and applications to improve identification of albums and songs. Collectors on the other hand want to make sure that their mp3 collection is complete and covers are obviously a part of that.

Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader is a free software for Windows that makes it dead easy to add covers to mp3 files. The program scans the My Music folder on startup and displays covers for the first mp3 file found in it. It is possible to browse for another folder in case the music collection is stored elsewhere.

mp3 cover downloader

Information about the active song are displayed at the top along with controls to play it and switch to another one stored in the folder. Mp3 Cover Downloader downloads six covers automatically from the Internet and displays them in its interface. A click on any of the covers and the selection of Apply adds the cover to the mp3 file.

A prompt like the one shown on the screenshot below is displayed if a cover is already present in the mp3 file.

new cover

A click on load other covers loads additional covers from the web. This is handy if the six covers listed are not matching the mp3 file.

Left and right arrows on the keyboard, and left and right icons in the header are used to switch between mp3 files stored in the active folder.

Mp3 Cover Downloader is a fast responsive program to add or change mp3 album covers. It unfortunately misses a feature to add a cover to all mp3 files of a folder which means that it takes longer than it should to add the same cover to all mp3 files of a folder.

Mp3 Cover Downloader is available at the developer website over at Creevity. It tested without problems on a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional test system. Developers state that the application is compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows from Windows XP on.

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