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Mp3 Cover Downloader Review

Mp3 Cover Downloader Review : " Cover art is used by many devices and applications to improve identification of albums and songs. Collectors on the other hand want to make sure that their mp3 collection is complete and covers are obviously a part of that. Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader is a free software for Windows that makes it dead easy to add covers to mp3 files. The program scans the My Music folder on startup and displays covers for the first mp3 file found in it. It is possible to browse for another folder in case the music collection is stored elsewhere. Information about the active song are displayed at the top along with controls to play it and switch to another one stored in the folder. Mp3 Cover Downloader downloads six covers automatically from the Internet and displays them in its interface. A click on any of the covers and the selection of Apply adds the cover to the mp3 file. A prompt like the one shown on the screenshot below is displayed if a cover is already pres

Get notified when there's new imagery in your area

Get notified when there's new imagery in your area : " We get a lot of messages from users asking when a particular area will be getting an imagery update, which we're unable to answer. While we never know of those updates ahead of time, Google has just released a new tool called Follow Your World that will notify you each time there are imagery updates in the area(s) you specify. It's a remarkably simple tool -- just find your location on the map, give it a name, and they'll send you an email when they have new imagery for that area. We're not yet sure how quickly they send the emails when new imagery is released, but we assume it will be after they imagery has migrated to Google Maps since people can use this tool for both Google Earth and Google Maps. As you may know from our recent imagery updates , new imagery arrives in Google Earth first, then shows up in Google Maps a few days later. It's unknown whether Google will use this information t


Joukuu : " Joukuu (email waitinglist) a free and convenient software for you to manage cloud based backup files across multiple accounts, currently supports Google docs, Dropbox & | @joukuu | | | "

IP Locator | Locate Network Address on Google Map | Internet Protocol Tools

IP Locator | Locate Network Address on Google Map | Internet Protocol Tools : "IP Geolocation tool helps you find the approximate geographic location of an IP address along with some other useful information including ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State etc. Enter the IP address or the host name you want to locate and press 'Discover' button, your IP will be tracked in seconds depending if the information of that IP is present in our database."

The Survival Station - 51 Free Tools to Stay Informed and Invisible on the Internet

The Survival Station - 51 Free Tools to Stay Informed and Invisible on the Internet : "If you value your rapidly disappearing privacy while surfing the Internet you need to know about these tools. Whether you want to protect yourself from snoopers, want to spy on those out to get you, or want to be able to track trends that you know will lead to something big, then these tools will help you get the job done. The best part about them is they are FREE!"

PODRUNNER: Workout Music - Download free podcast episodes by Wizzard Media on iTunes.

PODRUNNER: Workout Music - Download free podcast episodes by Wizzard Media on iTunes. : "Podcast Description Like to workout to fast, energetic music? Check out PODRUNNER: Nonstop, fixed-BPM, hour-long mixes from DJ Steve Boyett. A new mix every week to help you groove while you move, whenever, wherever, and however you work out. == Sign up for RUN TIME, the free Podrunner newsletter, at == Listen to PODRUNNER: INTERVALS, varied-BPM music mixes for interval training to improve conditioning."

Conky Colors Gets A New "Board Mode"

Conky Colors Gets A New "Board Mode" : " Conky is a light-weight system monitor that displays the info on your desktop - you've seen it in many screenshots so I'm sure most of you already know what Conky is. Conky Colors is a tool that make is very easy to set up and configure Conky. A new Conky Colors version has been released (5.0 beta 1) today which adds a beautiful new 'board mode' which you can see in the screenshot in the beginning of the post. Here's another screenshot using a light (Radiance) Conky Colors theme: How to use Conky Colors Board Mode To use the new Conky Colors board mode, firstly you'll have to set up Conky and Conky Colors as explained in THIS post. To set up the 'board' mode, use '--board' when configuring Conky Colors. Here are all the options available for the board mode: --w= - Set your screen width --h= - Set your screen height --theme=<theme> - Set default theme color (Doesn't

Convert Office Documents with Zoho Viewer

Convert Office Documents with Zoho Viewer : " Zoho Viewer, an online tool that lets you preview Office documents and PDF files in the browser without any desktop software, now supports document conversion as well. You may use Zoho Viewer to convert Office 2010 specific formats (like docx) to the more common file formats (like doc) as well as for converting text and Office files to PDFs. Click the “Convert” tab in Zoho Viewer to get started or directly go to . You don’t have to sign-up for performing document conversions. Zoho Viewer doesn’t support a variety of file formats as Zamzar does but the service is instant and doesn’t ask for your email address. Related: Translate Documents with Zoho This article, titled Convert Office Documents with Zoho Viewer , was originally published at Digital Inspiration under Convert , Zoho , Internet . "

Descrizione — CMDBuild

Descrizione — CMDBuild : CMDBuild è una applicazione web completamente configurabile dall'ente utilizzatore per modellare ed amministrare il database degli asset informatici (CMDB sta per “Configuration and Management Data Base”) e supportarne i workflow di gestione. L'obiettivo del sistema è quello di agevolare gli operatori nel mantenere sotto completo controllo la situazione degli asset informatici utilizzati, conoscendone in ogni momento la composizione, la dislocazione, le relazioni funzionali e le modalità di aggiornamento nel tempo. CMDBuild è un modulo centrale di gestione, interoperabile con basi dati ed applicazioni esterne dedicate: automatic inventory, gestione documentale, elaborazione testi, servizi di directory, posta elettronica, sistemi di monitoraggio, portali intranet, altri sistemi informativi. CMDBuild è un sistema flessibile ed espandibile in modo graduale ed autonomo dall’utilizzatore, orientato all’utilizzo delle best practice di qualità ITIL (IT I

20 Great Web Applications Alternatives to Usual Desktop Software

20 Great Web Applications Alternatives to Usual Desktop Software : " Desktop Software has been a great help in our computer work purposes. They serve as our working tool on our projects, designs, hobbies, interest etc. But web apps have set a great trend over the web. Developers of web applications created applications that are likely powerful as the desktop software but create more great output and easiness. The best thing is that you don’t need to install any of these web apps to use. Just browse over the web and visit these great web applications. In this article, I’ll be presenting 20 great web applications alternatives to your usual desktop software. Hope you will love it. 1. Google Docs Google Docs serves as your online productivity tool. It will let you create your documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more online writing tool. Alternative for : Microsoft Office Open Office 2. Meebo Meebo is a web platform for your mostly chat applications. You can login y