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Visualizzazione dei post da Settembre, 2010

Mulve, Windows Music Downloader

Mulve, Windows Music Downloader : " Earlier today, reviews of the free portable app Mulve made their rounds on the Internet. It probably originated at Torrentfreak and got picked up by other sites shortly thereafter as well. Mulve, is a free, standalone program to download music from the Internet. It’s biggest feature? Simplicity. A double-click to start, a search phrase, and clicks on the Save button to save the music to the local hard drive. That’s all it takes to download music. The availability of music is huge. The developers claim the program has access to ten million songs, and it surely feels that way. Search for some hip charts pop trash and you find it, search for other genres or artists and you find them, search for rare stuff and you are likely to get hits as well. mulve music downloader A click on Extend Search will display more results on the same page. All downloadable with a single click. All results are shown with the artists name, title, length, bitrate and size

Free Face Recognition Software Blink! Improves The Windows Login Process

Free Face Recognition Software Blink! Improves The Windows Login Process : " Most Windows users need to log into the system before they can access their system account. Some single computer users configure Windows to log in automatically, which is comfortable but not very secure. The free face recognition software Blink! offers a way to log in that is both secure but also comfortable. The main requirement is a webcam, as it is used by the software to recognize the user’s face. Faces need to be registered and associated with Windows profiles. This step is best undertaken right after installation of Blink. It is a one time process to setup the face recognition system properly. face recognition software face recognition software2 blink [caption id='attachment_33946' align='alignnone' width='492' caption='windows login'] [/caption] Two basic steps need to be completed for every user account. The user needs to look into the webcam during the configurati

Spazzolino elettrico solare: elettroni come dentifricio!

Spazzolino elettrico solare: elettroni come dentifricio! : " Uno spazzolino elettrico a energia solare, ecco la classica idea che non poteva che arrivare dal Giappone. Un bel solar powered toothbrush che si ricarica grazie all’energia pulita e gratuita del sole e non richiede,…"