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Visualizzazione dei post da Maggio, 2012

Welcome to SolarFocus per Kindle

Accessorio che non può mancare se hai un Kindle Welcome to SolarFocus :
Mappa: ecco come si sono comportati i tornado degli ultimi 56 anni
Rim in crisi sempre più nera: invenduti BB e PlayBook per 1 miliardo di dollari
Microsoft rilascerà Office su Android e iOS per il novembre prossimo
Webmaker, il progetto educational di Mozilla per insegnare il coding
Pebble watch passes $8 million from backers, gains first Android app partner

Mappe Eventi Sismici in Italia

Mappa degli eventi sismici rilevati in Italua a cura del I.E.S.N Italian Experimental Seismic Network
Gmail and iPhone alums create Electric Imp, connect your toaster to the web
Ancestry promette di costruire l’albero genealogico partendo dal DNA
Le discussioni degli utenti di WhatsApp a rischio d’intercettazione

Cosa succede quando invii una email in Google

CodeTwo Sync For iCloud Syncs iCloud Data with Outlook [Outlook]

Security Guardian is a secure USB mobile memory device

Security Guardian  is a secure USB mobile memory device that provides complete control over your remote memory devices. Benefits include: ‘Fort Knox’ of mobile data security services. Complete Data Loss Prevention. Secure Cloud based management console. Remotely turn USB memory On / Off. Remotely kill compromised data, even when Security Guardian is not connected to a laptop or the Internet. Large storage, capacities from 16GB to 250GB. Works with all main AES 256 encryption products. Integrated GPS means knowing exactly where your data is. GPRS communication module sends commands and receives reports. Internal battery for operation when not connected to a laptop. Remote ‘Over the Air’ update facility. Create authorised access / exclusion zones. With Security Guardian you, your staff and your company are fully protected and satisfy every aspect of the new legislation. As part of the Security Guardian monitoring service, there is a complete audit trail which confirms robus
OpenDNS DNSCrypt, Increase Security By Encrypting DNS Traffic
Wolfenstein 3D giocabile sul browser per celebrare i suoi 20 anni
Shampoo Your Hair with Beer for a Silky, Soft Shine [Clever Uses]
How to Supercharge Your Dropbox or Google Drive with Wappwolf [Automation]
Bump Photos: invia foto dal cellulare al computer in un secondo