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Scribtek is a cloud-based activity management program, created to accomplish a multitude of administrative functions for small and medium-sized businesses that work with appointment scheduling (music and art schools, gyms, sport clubs, field technicians, clinics, etc.). Scribtek enables an online and centralized management of all business data, from user accounts, appointment scheduling, transactions, inventories to reports, allowing you full control over all aspects of your business. Scribtek's main features are the creation and management of appointments, individual or group classes and events, the creation of user accounts, in which clients can log in and visualize their calendars, invoices and messages. Scribtek can then be used to send personalized automatic email or text message notifications to the clients. The calendars are interactive and customizable for many types of activities (private appointments, group and individual classes). Scribtek also allows administration of inventories and generates transactions and other reports. The invoices are highly customizable and the groups management allows splitting and transferring with a click. Scribtek is a software that is priced per user per month, and there are different packages according to how many features you need. The product is completely online; once you have selected your features and made the monthly payment, Scribtek will be accessible from any computer or mobile - allowing easier access to all your important data. Your data will always be safe. Reuniting every aspect of administration for small and medium sized businesses on a centralized and safe online platform, Scribtek is the easiest way to manage your business.

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Una rivoluzionaria VPN aumenta le velocità di connessione risparmiando dati. È perfetta per Netflix

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Amazon Echo Dot review (2016): Forget the Echo. Buy this instead.

The robot assistants we were promised as children are finally ready for the home. Well, sort of. Instead of walking, talking humanoid automatons like Rosie from The Jetsons and Robby the Robot from Lost in Space, our well-spoken helpers are housed in...

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Mind Blowing Icon Sets – Why I Exclusively Use Iconfinder

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If you are looking for high quality icons than look no further than Iconfinder. They have a database of over 1.1 million icons and 25,000+ icon sets.

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Komatsu's self-driving dump truck doesn't even have a cab

Despite the dream of the self-driving car, most autonomous vehicles still have a steering wheel, giving passengers the option to take control at a moments notice. Komatsu's latest dump truck is a bit different -- it doesn't even have a cab for a huma...

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Tutti pronti alla fusione Android - Chrome OS? Il 4 ottobre si avvicina

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Tutto pronto per il lancio di Facebook At Work

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via, news, articoli, guide, gallery e video Sicurezza e privacy sotto esame , un sito web che offre una serie di strumenti gratuiti per testare la sicurezza e la privacy del vostro browser. Funziona...