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Free Software Giveaway Sites Overview

So-called Software Giveaway Sites, or software freebies sites, offer one or more commercial programs for free each day to their visitors. All you need to do to grab a free license is to grab the program on that specific day. These versions are often limited, for instance by not including update rights in the license. While that may be an issue for some programs, it does not really matter for others. The following overview lists major software giveaway sites. We explain the process on each site to grab free programs, check privacy policies and terms of use, and provide you with a handy table in the end that lists major information for easy access. Free Software Giveaway Sites If a site that you would recommend is not on the list, let us know in the comments and we check it out. Note : Some promo sites copy giveaways from other sites and post them on their own without citing sources. Sites known for that are Giveaway Archives, Topsoft, Topsoft Bargains and Windows Deal. Bitsdujou

Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS

Compact OS is a new command line tool that Microsoft introduced in the Windows 10 operating system in an effort to reduce the system's disk footprint. Probably the biggest change to previous versions of Windows in this regard is that Windows 10 does not need recovery images anymore, as the operating system will use existing files for that instead. Compact OS is a new compression mechanism which takes files of the operating system and puts them in a (hidden) compressed container. There is a lot that you can do with Compact OS, especially when it comes to optimizing and deploying images. What's probably most interesting from an end-user's perspective is that you may change from a non-compacted to a compacted OS on a running system. Free up Windows 10 Disk Space with Compact OS If you do that, you may free up several Gigabytes of storage on the hard drive because of it. Mileage may vary but I have yet to come upon a system where the Compact OS operation would not free u

Ora puoi acquistare i prodotti di Kickstarter su Amazon

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Estate a tutto fitness: super tecnologia per tutti gli sport

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L’app fotografica Prisma arriva ora sui device Android

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Un minuto di Internet

205 milioni di email sono state inviate 3,3 milioni di persone hanno postato su Facebook 422 mila persone hanno scritto un Tweet 400 ore di video sono state caricate su YouTube 44 milioni di messaggi sono stati inviati su WhatsApp via Lega Nerd

ManualsLib - Makes it easy to find manuals online!

ManualsLib Is a Free Library of Product Manuals. :

Meal Planner and Food Manager

One app that helps you find and manage recipes, make meal plans, automatically calculate your daily nutritional information, AND make your shopping list in seconds. Our meal planner and food/recipe manager is easy to use and syncs automatically with our website, so you can keep track of your favorite recipes and grocery products and monitor your nutritional goals wherever you are. via FeedMyApp


Clicktrans is the perfect solution for your shipping needs. With us, your items can be delivered by a company "going there anyway". We are a fast and easy way of finding great and Eco-friendly transport opportunities. With more than 500 new listing everyday and thousands of verified transport providers registered, you will be able to receive quotes for your delivery in just a few minutes/hours. Times have changed, and that is why we offer this handy tool. Connect with all European countries in just one click. via FeedMyApp

Phytl Signs è il druido moderno: parla con le piante e le capisce

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Amazon tratta con Enel per acquistare le (ex) centrali elettriche

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The US women’s Olympic volleyball team is using a wearable by VERT to monitor jumps

The road to the Rio Olympics for the U.S. women’s volleyball team has included grueling, six-hour practice sessions, sparking the need for players to train smart — not just hard. After all, one critical injury could derail the team’s chances of a successful showing on the world stage. That’s where a tiny wearable by Vert comes into play. While training for the Olympics, the squad used the Vert jump monitor, which fits around players’ waists and calculates their jump heights and counts. It then sends real-time data to an accompanying app. The team has also been using it as an injury-prevention tool. “It gave the coaches something to monitor our workload,” USA Volleyball outside hitter Kelsey Robinson told us. “Now we can track how many times a certain position is jumping and if they’re jumping more, they will shut us down and we’ll do other things like pass or serve, so we don’t physically exhaust ourselves. It has really helped our older girls who do have knee injuries and back p


Cuckoo is the world’s first task advisor for marketing. Cuckoo shows you how to bring more attention to your brand by analyzing what your potential customers engage with on social media. For example, Cuckoo recommends the number of times you should post on social media each day, specific types of marketing messages to share and even which colors to use to maximize engagement with any target audience. You can also use Cuckoo to reach the followers of your competitors and other large brands. These personalized marketing recommendations are accessible 24/7. Cuckoo is available today for free to any company or content creator with a Twitter handle. via FeedMyApp

Arriva il SUV IoT: la smart car di Alibaba già disponibile per le prenotazioni

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Generatore automatico di ricette ⋆ Roberta Deiana

Generatore automatico di ricette , che punta forte sull’ironia sul blog di   Roberta Deiana.

Grimsel, l’auto elettrica da corsa con record d’accelerazione

Google Chrome with native Cast integration

Using Chrome 51 or newer right-click on any page and select cast from the options to start the process. You may select the cast option from the main Chrome menu alternatively if you prefer that, or if right-clicking won't work on the active page. New Cast functionality in Chrome via gHacks technology news

Plain Converter

This is simple and clean units converter with simple and clean interface. You can convert to the following units: length, weight, temperature, speed, area. We don't have ads and the app is minimalistic.