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Logitech's Circle camera is a portable Dropcam-killer

If you were disappointed by Nest's minor update to Dropcam's home monitoring cameras, Logitech might have just what you're looking for. The new Logi Circle is a home monitoring camera similar with a unique twist: You can unplug it from power and st... via Engadget

Kwikset's latest smart lock lowers the price by ditching the frills

Kwikset is no stranger to connected locks, but the $219 price for its Kevo lock might put you off if you're used to securing your door with cheaper conventional locks. That might not be a stumbling block for much longer, though: the company has tro... via Engadget

iBackPack Revolutionary Wearable Technology

iBackPack Revolutionary Wearable Technology | Indiegogo :

Qualcomm wants to do for drones what it did for smartphones

We've said it before, and we'll say it again: Qualcomm wants to be everywhere. So it's not too surprising to see the company delving into drones with its new Snapdragon Flight platform. Based on its Snapdragon 801 processor, Flight aims to simplify... via Engadget

The 2016 Nissan Leaf touts 107-mile range thanks to a larger battery

If you're looking to get over 100 miles out of your next EV before needing to recharge, Nissan hopes its retooled Leaf will grab your attention. Two of the 2016 models claim an EPA-estimated 107-mile range thanks to a bigger 30 kWh battery. And yes... via Engadget

Kirigami-inspired solar cells can track the sun without motors

Researchers at the University of Michigan announced on Wednesday that they have developed a method of keeping solar cells turned toward the sun without the need for heavy and energy-hungry motors. Their method is based on the Japanese art of Kiriga... via Engadget

Vodafone launches app-free WiFi calling

Following EE, O2 and Three, Vodafone is finally ready to launch its own WiFi calling service. It's rolling out nationwide over the next few weeks and will be available to anyone with a Vodafone Red, Red Value or Red+ plan -- provided you have a com... via Engadget

Microsoft releases Snip Editor, a screen capture tool

Snip is a new Microsoft Garage project that has just been released to the public. It is a screen capture tool similar to the Snipping tool included in Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows. The basic idea of Snip is to use it to communicate ideas which means that it ships with an editor […] Ghacks needs you. You can find out how to support us here or support the site directly by becoming a Patreon . Thank you for being a Ghacks reader. The post Microsoft releases Snip Editor, a screen capture tool appeared first on gHacks Technology News . via gHacks Technology News

LG's new SmartThingQ sensor

The sensor attaches to compatible home appliances to make them "smart-aware," feeding information to the user through a corresponding SmartThinQ app.

Official Google Blog: Android Wear now works with iPhones

Official Google Blog: Android Wear now works with iPhones : 'via Blog this'