venerdì 10 giugno 2016


Hoverwatch SMS Tracker records SMS, call history and audio, camera, locations, WhatsApp, Facebook, internet activity, calendar, contacts and many more. You can install it on Android, Mac, Windows If you wish to monitor phones of your kids you just need to download a Hoverwatch SMS Tracker. It is designed to gather all data that goes through the mobile device, windows and mac desktops on which it has been installed. • Monitor text messages sent through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, and MMS. All text messages and files sent through the device will be stored and sent by texting spy to your private account. • Stealth. You don’t have to root a smartphone to completely hide this texting spy. Unless the person knows exactly what to look for, they won’t suspect a thing. • GEO data. This sms tracker is a perfect tool to keep close tabs on a person that you’re watching over. From now on, you’ll know their exact location at any given time. Moreover, the energy-conserving algorithms of this texting spy don’t drain the battery too quickly. • Call recording. Not only does this sms tracker store all the information regarding all phone calls, but it also records the conversation and sends it to your online account. From now on nothing will escape your watchful eye. • One free account for 5 devices. A single free online account enables you to monitor up to five tablets and phones simultaneously. • Changing SIM Card. Sometimes people switch their SIM cards in order to mask their activity. This won’t fool you, as every time SIM card is switched, this texting spy will send you a notification. • Internet activity. All the internet activity of the monitored person will be recorded by this texting spy. What websites have they visited; at what time did it take place? You’ll know everything.

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