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Kelly Hall 360

Kelly Hall 360 : " Non vi anticipo nulla, fate un salto qui . Next level fap. "

Installing new Android Market 3.0.26 on Archos Gen8 devices

Installing new Android Market 3.0.26 on Archos Gen8 devices : " Google has recently announced a major 3.0 update for their Android Market. This new version gives you new ways to find great applications and games , purchase books and rent movies . This update will require Android 2.2 devices and will be deployed in the coming weeks. No need to wait with Arctablet, we are offering the 2 ways to install the Market: - you can download Android Market 3.0.26 APK and install it yourself. - or follow the installation procedure using ArcTools (prefered method) Installation procedure using ArcTools This part goes thru the procedure to install latest Android Market 3.0.26 on Archos Generation 8 devices. Please note that this is valid only on Archos Gen8 devices (Archos 28, Archos 32, Archos 43, Archos 70 and Archos 101 Internet Tablet). It has been tested on stock devices and does not require a specific firmware or root access to your tablet. Installing the Market using this met

Track PC Power Consumption With Microsoft Joulemeter

Track PC Power Consumption With Microsoft Joulemeter : " Tracking a PC’s or Laptop’s power consumption can be helpful in several ways. It can for instance be used to analyse power usage to reduce the energy bill or find ways to increase a laptop’s battery life by reducing the overall power usage. Microsoft Joulemeter is an experimental program for Windows that can track the PC power consumption. It is compatible with desktop and mobile computers. The application places an icon in the Windows system tray on startup. A click on that icon displays the main interface where the power consumption and statistics are displayed and constantly updated. The power consumption is divided into base, cpu, disk and monitor which are added to get a total power consumption. The application currently is not measuring the gpu’s power consumption which – on modern computer systems – uses lots of power. It also has to be noted that the values are estimations if the application is installed on a desktop