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Microsoft Account for Android

Microsoft Account is a free Android application that improves the two-step verification process when signing in to a Microsoft Account.
When you sign in to your Microsoft Account on a device, you may be asked to verify the account after entering the correct username and password.
This happens automatically on new devices, but may happen on devices you use regularly as well depending on whether you check that you are using the device regularly during login.
The options provided to verify the identity are to confirm an email address or phone number to have a code send via email or SMS which needs to be entered to verify the identity (options provided depend on the account profile).
Microsoft Account for Android
The process is not very comfortable, as you will have to use a separate program usually to retrieve the code to enter it on the sign in page.
Additionally, you will always have to enter (part of or all of) the email address or phone number before the code is even send using the se…

After one year, Google Photos has 13.7 petabytes of pictures

Google Photos just had its first birthday, and in celebration the search giant is looking back over the year to see how Photos did on its first journey around the sun. They report that 200 million people use Photos every month, and their automated assistant has generated over 1.6 billion animations, collages, and movies for the entertainment of users. The biggest figure here? Google is now holding 13.7 petabytes of picture that would have had to occupy space on devices.
13.7 petabytes is a massive amount of information. In fact, it’s more data than could fit on a 10 petabyte hard drive. Even a 13 petabyte hard drive would be overwhelmed by this amount of data. It’s so much data that if petabytes were eggs, and you went to the grocery store to buy a carton of petabytes, you would have to buy a carton larger than the standard dozen-egg carton. If you’re still having a hard time wrapping your head around this figure in spite of my helpful comparisons, then just imagine 182.2 years of HD-…

Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow(in preview)Create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more.(↬ Microsoft)

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How to Delete the Useless Photos in your WhatsApp Automatically

Your WhatsApp account is filled with motivational quotes, memes and other junk images that are clogging your phone’s memory. Here’s how to smartly delete all the useless content in one go. WhatsApp is probably the largest space hog on our mobile phones. We all have friends and relative who diligently forward us every single motivation quote and meme they’ve received from their own network. Some think it is their duty to wake us with a “good morning” message accompanied with photos of the rising sun or chirping birds.
The bigger problem with WhatsApp is that these ‘spam’ messages often originate from contacts who are close to you in real life and thus blocking them would be considered rude. You have an option to mute WhatsApps groups but the downloaded images would still take up precious space on your mobile phone.
A simple solution to the problem would be that you open the Photo Gallery app on your Android phone, or use a File Manager app to locate the media folder of WhatsApp, and d…

I taxi a guida autonoma di General Motors e Lyft arrivano nel 2017

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Etichetta sul bagaglio, addio. Delta ha un sistema molto più evoluto

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Flow, Microsoft sfida IFTTT

Da qualche giorno è disponibile gratuitamente la preview version di Microsoft Flow, una piattaforma che permette di creare integrazioni e automazioni tra servizi web con semplicità
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Le Syvrac, la bicicletta smart con 4 GB di RAM

La compagnia cinese LeEco ha presentato il suo nuovo gioiello della tecnologia: una bicicletta smart con OS Android Dopo aver stupito tutti con la presentazione di LeSee, la sua auto elettrica a guida autonoma, l’azienda cinese continua ad attirare su di sé l’attenzione. Questa volta lo fa con prodotto davvero stravagante: una bicicletta smart. Chiamata […]Le Syvrac, la bicicletta smart con 4 GB di RAM è stato pubblicato per la prima volta su Lega Nerd.
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