martedì 22 marzo 2016

Jephi - Free online time tracking and project management

Jephi is a free online time tracking solution for freelancer and small business. You can manage your projects, employees and bills of your projects. Track the time which you spend to finish the projects given by your customers. Every time you tracked can get a description which can be seen by your customer while you have invited them to the Live-Project-Followup. You decide which of your employees has to work at which project and you will see how much time your employees have spend in the projects. If you have finished a project you can easily create your bill and send it to the customer. In the configuration you can save your personal data, the data of your customers and all you need the create a bill. The statistics will show you how much time you have spend in each projects or how much time you have spend for every step until the project is finished.

via FeedMyApp

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