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The 101 Most Useful Websites

The 101 Most Useful Websites [list updated for 2012]
The Kindle Fire is Blazing the Trail to Most Popular Android Tablet
Folla al Palazzo del Podestà Notte interattiva e tanta storia
Mini-test: cosa sa Google dei vostri gusti?
Console: nuova Xbox sei volte più potente, ma non solo - JUGO Tecnologia
Google Maps si aggiorna alla versione 6.2
Bringing Chromebooks to every classroom
Two Ways to Export Your Google Docs
Amazon Kindle Fire
Wi-Fi Display, condividi lo schermo senza cavi
In Italia Facebook produce 2,5 miliardi di euro

PI Song

Tamyca, il car sharing alla tedesca, è possibile noleggiare un auto per 11 Euro al giorno
Wolfram Education Portal, la nuova risorsa per studenti e insegnanti
NetLED WiFi-enabled, app-controllable, LED light tubes come to Japan
Archos Smart Home Phone Lands Across The Pond

Archos 3-5 Smart Home Phone


Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR (funny short film) (full-leng...


I finestrini delle auto diventano tablet in un concept GM

Flickr ricorda le vittime della Costa Concordia con delle fotografie
BlueStacks porta le applicazioni Android su Windows 8
CES 2012: e' Windows Phone il vero vincitore. Convincono i nuovi smartphone con
Create random and safe passwords
Access Facebook on any Mobile Without the Internet
Segnala l'evasione o tentata evasione, per esempio se un commerciante non fornisce lo scontrino o un professionista esige un prezzo maggiore per la ricevuta fiscale: è facile (anche da iPhone/Android!) e anonimo, anche per l'evasore. 

CES 2012: entro l’anno la Ubuntu TV
How To Verify If An E-mail Address Exists
DIY Garage Ceiling Storage System [Weekend Projects]
Thermador Freedom full-surface inductive cooktop oven mitts-on
Photo Blemish Remover, Easy Basic Image Manipulation

Clocking IT

ClockingIT é un'applicazione web open source per la gestione dei progetti per tracciare attività, tempo e costi.
Enable Concurrent Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows with This Patch [Remote Desktop]

USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer III makes leaving your basement apartment even less appealing

USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer III makes leaving your basement apartment even less appealing:

"Get up and go" is for the birds, man. But in the off-chance that your PC, home entertainment system and various gaming consoles weren't enough to keep you inside for days at a time, check out the upgraded version of Brando's USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer. The third iteration of the temperature gauging device gives you the sort of accuracy you just can't get from TV and internet forecasts. The thermometer can give you instant readings without having to install extra software -- you just hold down the caps and number lock keys and it will copy the current temperate to your clipboard. It can also send you the temperature via text message, for those times when you can't be bothered to start up the computer. The price of such glorious slothfulness? A mere $32, American.USB Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer III makes leaving your basement apartment even less appealing originall…
5 Ways Laptops Are Better Than Tablets Or Smartphones
Evviva la funzione Refresh di Windows 8
Examples of Mind Bending Shadow Conceptions

Wii U torna sotto i riflettori al CES 2012?

Wii U torna sotto i riflettori al CES 2012?: Nintendo fara' quest'anno il suo esordio al CES di Las Vegas per promuovere la sua nuova console casalinga, l'ancora misterioso Wii U.   A darne conferma e' il ben informato blog CNET, per cui il colosso...
Wii U torna sotto i riflettori al CES 2012?
Ricerca LinkedIn: nel 2012 professionisti italiani alla ricerca di un buon lavoro
Windows Live SkyDrive Available for iOS, Offering 25GB of Cloud Storage for Your iPhone [Cloud Storage]
Inghilterra, Sarah Burge regala alla figlia di sette anni un buono per la liposuzione
Download Linux From Your Desktop With Get Linux
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ClockworkMod Tether serves free Android USB tethering, no root required

ClockworkMod Tether serves free Android USB tethering, no root required:

Not content to provide us with ClockworkMod Recovery and other fine hacks, Koush just made a free USB tethering app available for Android aptly called ClockworkMod Tether Alpha. While it’s not the first app to bypass paid tethering plans, it supports unrooted phones and works with Linux, Mac and Windows computers. Just enable USB debugging on your phone, download the appropriate installer for your desktop OS of choice, then connect both devices via USB and you’re all set. The installation process creates a virtual network adapter on your computer and pushes a matching APK to your phone. A proxy is used to avoid detection by the carriers.

We tested the app on a late-model MacBook Air running OS X Lion and an AT&T-branded Samsung Captivate Glide — along with a couple other handsets — without much success (as documented in the screenshot above). Then again, based on the discussions following Koush’s Google+ pos…
Apple non ha inventato il primo telefono interamente touch
Dropbox-for-Google Insync leaves beta, goes free and opens doors for business
Bollettino di Poste Italiane, l’app Android per pagare in mobilità
Tankbot lets you control tiny desktop warfare via your Android device
CIOs Are in an Anxious State